Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I officially screwed up for the first time tonight.

We had dinner at Claim Jumper and Adam had some pizza, and I dosed him for it. Then, he was still hungry, so I let him have some more. He wanted a cupcake and since it had been some time since he'd eaten the extra pizza, I decided to dose him for the pizza AND the cupcake he hadn't eaten yet.

Now I know why you don't dose preschoolers before eating.

I mean seriously, who's not going to eat a chocolate cupcake? Not my Adam, the little sweet-a-holic that he is.

But as 4 year-olds are often wont to do...he changed his mind. And refused to eat it.

So I had him eat a fruit snack and some smarties to compensate and when we got home 45 minutes later I tested him.


Okay, drink juice!

15 minutes later,

56 again.

Now I'm begging and pleading for Adam to eat some glucose tabs. Which he is refusing to do.

I get him to drink some orange juice

I test him again...ERROR!

I test him again...486!!!

Yeah, I said WTF too.

I tossed aside the One Touch and got out the Aviva meter and tested him AGAIN.



He refused to eat anything else, but sissy got him to suck on a lollipop while we read him books before bed.

I will be testing a lot tonight....

Lesson learned.


  1. Pizza is a tricky food....because of the fat in it, it tends to cause a slow rise so when the insulin kicks in, the carbs haven't yet and bg goes low then it rises and rises for hours later. So don't be surprised if you are battling highs later. I actually wasn't shocked by the 486-that is what happens to Bryce with tricky food and the low before. Glad it was just probably something on his fingers.
    As for pre bolusing and him not eating what you figured he would, we have all been there! It definitely gets tricky. Got to keep us on our toes, I guess. Hope your night isn't too long and all balances out.

  2. Will it help if I tell this is only the first of many times you'll screw up? :) We all screw up. Lots. Even years into managing D. You just to fix it and move on. And don't beat yourself up over it.

    And I agree with Denise, pizza is tricky. We still haven't figured out how to time the insulin right.

  3. He might of had something on his finger to get that 486. I hate it when that happens.

    Don't beat yourself up over it...

  4. Don't beat yourself up! Screw-ups happen. Sometimes they happen a lot. We learn from them and keep on going. That's the important part, not the screw-up!

  5. Been there, done that! Don't worry about it! It happens sometimes, even with the best of intentions. ((hugs))

  6. Oh gosh - I did that last week and then had to pelt glucose tabs at Joe to "make up the difference" AND he is 7. Don't beat yourself up.

    And, yes pizza is tricky for many of us...lows then has been easier for us to manage pizza on a pump. With that being said, we don't have it often though. It can make for a rough night.

  7. Pizza is kind of the devil except in food...We had our lowest low ever (36) after a piece of pizza. We still do it and just know we have to watch her extra close afterwards. Don't beat yourself up about mistakes! You are doing soooooo good for a newbie at this whole thing!

  8. Yes! I hope all these comments helped you realize each of us has done the exact same thing! It comes with the territory! All we can do is learn from our mistakes and move on. (new reader here, hi!)

  9. We have those same problems with pizza too! Friday night is pizza/movie night at our house, and we cannot seem to get his numbers right those nights. I was surprised to see lows. I thought he would be high from that.

  10. Pizza makes me want to tear my hair out. Don't beat yourself up, it's just part of the journey... we've all done it (or something like it) too.

    Live and learn, right? You're still doing a wonderful job.

  11. Just did the same damn thing last weekend during Ellie's little brothers first birthday. Gave Ellie a small piece of cake...figured about 40 carbs (due to horrid sugar heavy icing) she goes to town...3 bites and she "wants to save it for later". Oh my! My mother and I looked at each other with the look of HERE WE GO! I'm with ya. What kid won't finish a cupcake or piece of cake?! I'll have to tell the 4th of July story in one of my blogs soon. There's a phase of this diagnosis where I think your brain and emotions regresses a little and you begin to think you have "figured it out". I had a brief weekend (July 4th) where I decided my sheer Mama Will would allow for her to be free from her disease. GOT MY ASS HANDED TO ME BY THE D!!! D will always get the last word in... that just sucks and takes some time to grapple with I think. Keep your chin up, keep talking about things like this too. It helps to release your self-doubt and guilt (guilt meaning you’re a mom and you think that all actions and reactions are your fault and responsibility, not so, diabetes is to blame 99.9% of the time). At least that's what I found! ((hug)) to you.

  12. It seems that horrible lesson that just when we think we've figured something out about diabetes it bites us in the butt...kind of like parenting, the only consistency is inconsistency!
    Glad all went well in the end though and he has such a level headed mama to not just think things were fine. Good for you :)

  13. We have a love-hate relationship with pizza.

    Don't beat yourself up. You were smart to check again and try a different meter. Pat yourself on the back for that.