Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another "first"

Ouch, right?

We had another "first" today, and not the good kind.

Yesterday, Adam's pod came off at school, so I ran over and changed it. Last night, the old site looked really red, so I put some ointment on it and a band-aid.

This morning, he was sitting next to me and when I looked at it, it felt really warm, and it was much more angry looking. I took the band-aid off and I saw oozing pus. :( I cleaned it again, and used a warm compress and covered it up again. I had a bad feeling about it, so I texted this pic to my friend who is a PA, and asked her what I should do. She said I should probably take him to urgent care to get some antibiotics right away.

By this time, he was crying because it hurt so bad. Luckily, our children's hospital has a satellite office for urgent care and we got right in. The doctor agreed something needed to be done, but he also wanted to try and drain it more first and swab it to test for MRSA. Poor Adam. He freaked about the pain so the doctor used a j-tip to try and numb it a bit. He got a little bit out and bandaged him up again. Diagnosis: abscess and cellulitis. He's on Keflex now, and hopefully we won't hear back from the doctor that it is MRSA.

After a milkshake and a warm bath to soak it in, he's feeling much better. I drew a circle around it with a sharpie to make sure it doesn't get worse, but I think we caught it early enough.

After 3 years, this is our first infection! Of course, I'm wondering why, but who knows. He uses his arms for pod sites pretty frequently, so we will give this arm a rest for a month or so. Hopefully this will be the last for awhile.

Adam is now being back to his "boy" self, asking me if there is more pus so he can see it. :) Boys like gross things!

Thanks to the DOC for all the love today!


  1. I wish you all didn't have to go through this, but it looks better already today. I want to know why too! So, when you find out, let me know! :-)