Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Story by Adam

Sometimes I think I'm really sucking at this parenting a child with diabetes thing. Frankly, that's most days. Because even when you visit the endo, and your child's A1c is 7.4, you'd think you'd celebrate, right? (It had crept up to 8.0 earlier in the year). But oh no...you feel bad because the doctor says he's having too many lows.

A mom can't win.

But tonight, I found something that made me sad a little bit, but also made me smile. Adam wrote this "story" in his journal.

"I have Diabetes. It means my pancreas doesn't work well. So I have to test the sugar in my blood."

"Diabetes is tuff. But I can live with it. Hopefully not forever."

"Soon they will come up with a cure for it. Then I will have it no longer." 

"But unfortunately not today. But I am fine with it for now."

 "But I still like my life even if it involves Diabetes. It doesn't mean much to me. Okay, maybe a little." :)

"I love my life."

Man, I hope so. Kid, we are going to get you a cure. I love you, buddy.